• Provide architects with an understanding of various mobile application architectures using SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, ancillary mobility solutions, and extensions such as SAP Fiori, SAP Mobile Secure and SAP Afaria
  • Prepare architects for an architecture engagement
  • Describe the SAP Gateway architecture and identify the options within the platform to create OData driven apps
  • Plan and design security for Native and Hybrid Apps using various mobility solutions: for example, an SAP Gateway, SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) and OData application
  • Prepare architects to deliver SAP Mobile Platform application architectures to customers
  • Assist architects in identifying the options for building the model for Native or Hybrid Apps and the View-Controller for an SAP Mobile Server application
  • Describe SMP’s Metadata driven Agentry Architecture
  • Identify options for SAP Mobile Apps that run on SMP’s Agentry architecture
  • Identify options for building a model of an SMP Agentry application
  • Describe the SAP Mobiliser architecture and components
  • Analyze SAP Mobiliser Components
  • Design Applications Using the SAP Mobiliser Framework
  • Plan an SAP SMS Builder Application
  • Describe the SAP Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) solution architecture and evaluate development options
  • Design an SAP Mobile BI application for iOS
  • Describe the architecture for SAP Fiori on Any DB and HANA
  • Identify common customization options for SAP Fiori apps
  • Instruct on how to customize an SAP Fiori Launchpad and application login screen describe the SAP Afaria architecture and how to interface with SAP Afaria for mobile application deployment activities
  • Describe SAP’s Device, Application, and Content Management integration solutions
  • Integrate SAP Mobile Applications with SAP Afaria
  • Identify SAP’s mobile content and application security solutions (SAP Mobile Secure)


  • Solution Architect
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant




  • General understanding of mobility in the IT industry

Course based on software release

  • SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Gateway, SAP Mobile BI 5, SAP Fiori, SAP Mobiliser, SAP Mobile Apps, SAP Afaria, SAP Mobile Secure, SAP Mobile Documents, SAP SAPUI5


  • Enterprise Mobility
    • Outlining the Role of the Application Architect
    • Identifying Key Architecture Tasks in the Design of a Mobility Project
  • SAP Gateway Architecture
    • Identifying the Available Options for Open Data Protocol (OData) Service Creation
    • Building a Mobile Application That Communicates Directly with SAP Gateway
    • Planning Security for an SAP Gateway Application
  • REST, Native, and Hybrid Application Architecture
    • Building a Model of a Native or Hybrid Application
    • Building the View-Controller of an SAP Mobile Platform Server Application
    • Planning Security for REST API, Native and Hybrid Applications
  • Metadata-Driven Application Architecture
    • Outlining SAP Agentry Architecture
    • Outlining the Available Options for Pre-Built SAP Agentry Applications
    • Building a Model of an SAP Agentry Application
    • Planning Security for a Meta-Driven Application
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Architecture with SAP Mobiliser
    • Analyzing SAP Mobiliser Components
    • Designing Applications Using the SAP Mobiliser Framework
    • Planning an SAP SMS Builder Application
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Solution Architecture
    • Developing an SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Solution
    • Customizing the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Application for iOS
  • SAP Fiori
    • Customizing an SAP Fiori Application
    • Customizing an SAP Fiori Application Login Screen
  • SAP Device, Application, and Content Management Integration
    • Integrating SAP Mobile Applications with SAP Afaria
    • Managing Mobile Content