Course announcements

  • This course is designed for mobile application architects (Solution Architects) responsible for providing customers with E2E solutions for SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 and the platform’s extensibility products. This course covers SAP Mobile Platform’s core architecture and identifies various application designs that are core to the platform, as well as designs that use ancillary technologies such as SAP Gateway, SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 that extend the core architecture. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the SAP’s mobility’s solutions from a technical perspective. The course supports the strategic decision making process as outlined in SMP230 for the development of mobile applications that meet an enterprise level solution strategy.
  • This course covers the options and customizations for implementing mobile applications built on platform’s various application paradyms and frameworks, such as choosing device platforms and designing mobile application architectures for SMP Native and Hybrid apps, Agentry metadata driven apps, Mobile BI apps, SAP Fiori apps, as well as commercial apps designed and built on SAP Mobiliser and third party frameworks. Participants will explore a selection of SAP mobility products and learn how to resolve mobile application architectures by way of use cases and hands-on exercises. Participants will also learn how to choose the best mobile architecture to support their own enterprise mobility needs. Solution Architects and other interested participants will learn the entire palette of SAP mobile solutions, services and apps.


  • Provide architects with an understanding of various mobile application architectures using SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, ancillary mobility solutions, and extensions such as SAP Fiori, SAP Mobile Secure and SAP Afaria
  • Prepare architects for an architecture engagement
  • Describe the SAP Gateway architecture and identify the options within the platform to create OData driven apps
  • Plan and design security for Native and Hybrid Apps using various mobility solutions: for example, an SAP Gateway, SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) and OData application
  • Prepare architects to deliver SAP Mobile Platform application architectures to customers
  • Assist architects in identifying the options for building the model for Native or Hybrid Apps and the View-Controller for an SAP Mobile Server application
  • Describe SMP’s Metadata driven Agentry Architecture
  • Identify options for SAP Mobile Apps that run on SMP’s Agentry architecture
  • Identify options for building a model of an SMP Agentry application
  • Describe the SAP Mobiliser architecture and components
  • Analyze SAP Mobiliser Components
  • Design Applications Using the SAP Mobiliser Framework
  • Plan an SAP SMS Builder Application
  • Describe the SAP Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) solution architecture and evaluate development options
  • Design an SAP Mobile BI application for iOS
  • Describe the architecture for SAP Fiori on Any DB and HANA
  • Identify common customization options for SAP Fiori apps
  • Instruct on how to customize an SAP Fiori Launchpad and application login screen describe the SAP Afaria architecture and how to interface with SAP Afaria for mobile application deployment activities
  • Describe SAP’s Device, Application, and Content Management integration solutions
  • Integrate SAP Mobile Applications with SAP Afaria
  • Identify SAP’s mobile content and application security solutions (SAP Mobile Secure)


  • Solution Architect
  • System Architect
  • Technology Consultant




  • General understanding of mobility in the IT industry

Course based on software release

  • SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Gateway, SAP Mobile BI 5, SAP Fiori, SAP Mobiliser, SAP Mobile Apps, SAP Afaria, SAP Mobile Secure, SAP Mobile Documents, SAP SAPUI5


  • Enterprise Mobility
    • Outlining the Role of the Application Architect
    • Identifying Key Architecture Tasks in the Design of a Mobility Project
  • SAP Gateway Architecture
    • Identifying the Available Options for Open Data Protocol (OData) Service Creation
    • Building a Mobile Application That Communicates Directly with SAP Gateway
    • Planning Security for an SAP Gateway Application
  • REST, Native, and Hybrid Application Architecture
    • Building a Model of a Native or Hybrid Application
    • Building the View-Controller of an SAP Mobile Platform Server Application
    • Planning Security for REST API, Native and Hybrid Applications
  • Metadata-Driven Application Architecture
    • Outlining SAP Agentry Architecture
    • Outlining the Available Options for Pre-Built SAP Agentry Applications
    • Building a Model of an SAP Agentry Application
    • Planning Security for a Meta-Driven Application
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Architecture with SAP Mobiliser
    • Analyzing SAP Mobiliser Components
    • Designing Applications Using the SAP Mobiliser Framework
    • Planning an SAP SMS Builder Application
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Solution Architecture
    • Developing an SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Solution
    • Customizing the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Application for iOS
  • SAP Fiori
    • Customizing an SAP Fiori Application
    • Customizing an SAP Fiori Application Login Screen
  • SAP Device, Application, and Content Management Integration
    • Integrating SAP Mobile Applications with SAP Afaria
    • Managing Mobile Content