Course announcements

  • In this course you will gain a solid understanding of the SAP IBP Inventory Optimization component, and its associated business processes. This course aims to clarify where and when IBP for Inventory should be considered. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Outline the features of SAP IBP Inventory Optimization
    • Explain how SAP IBP Inventory Optimization fits into the S&OP business processes
    • Describe the Inventory Planning Operators
    • Identify and use the required attributes and key figures, and master data
    • Use the Inventory Network Visualization Charts
    • Actively engage in SAP IBP implementation projects


  • IBP Application Consultants
  • Business Process Architects
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Solution Architect



  • IBP100 – SAP IBP – Overview
  • IBP200 – SAP IBP – Platform Features & Customizing


  • IBP300 – SAP IBP – Advanced Configuration

Course based on software release

  • SAP IBP 6.3 (1608)


  • Introduction
    • Integrated Business Planning for Inventory
    • Inventory Model of the Demand Driven Supply Chain
    • IBP for Inventory and the IBP Process
  • Key Optimization Factors
    • Demand Variability
    • Production Variability
    • Transportation Variability
    • Batch Sizes
    • Inventory Carrying Cost
    • Periods Between Review
  • Inventory Optimization Planning Operators
    • Forecast Error CV
    • Single Stage Inventory Optimization
    • Multi Stage Inventory Optimization
    • Inventory Target Components
    • Expected Lost Demand
  • Configuration
    • Planning Area Configuration
    • Attributes and Master Data Types
    • Key figures and Planning Levels
    • Network Visualization Charts