Course announcements

  • In this course you will model a business process using SAP Integrated Business Planning. You will also acquire a sound understanding of the setup process, troubleshooting information, data management and reporting, analytics, and social collaboration. Instructor-led training is supplemented with hands-on exercises.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Configure more advanced features and functions of the SAP IBP solution


  • IBP Application Consultants
  • Business Process Architects
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power Users
  • Program / Project Managers
  • Solution Architects



  • IBP200 – SAP IBP – Platform Features and Configuration


  • IBP100 – SAP Integrated Business Planning – Overview

Course based on software release

  • SAP IBP 6.3 (1608)


  • Planning Area Copy and Merge
    • Performing a Simple Copy of a Planning Area
    • Performing an Advanced Copy of a Planning Area
    • Performing a Planning Area Merge
    • Describing SAP Integrated Business Planning Architecture
  • Key Figure Functions
    • Implementing Disaggregation
    • Troubleshooting Activation Errors
    • Using Helper Fey Figures
    • Configuring Change History
    • Creating Snapshot Key Figures
    • Positioning SAP Integrated Business Planning in a System Landscape
  • Currency Conversion
    • Converting Currency
    • Implementing SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • UOM Conversion, Implementation Blueprints, and Price Conversion
    • Creating Time-independent Key Figures
    • Converting Units of Measure (UOM)
    • Developing a Blueprint
    • Converting Price
  • SAP Jam User Onboarding
    • Setting Up SAP Jam User Onboarding
  • Attribute Transformations
    • Performing Attribute Transformations
    • Describing Performance and Sizing
  • Advanced Attribute Transformations
    • Configuring Last Period Aggregation
    • Creating and Comparing Scenarios
    • Using Time as a Dimension for Key Figures
    • Exporting and Importing Planning Areas
    • Configuring Split Factor Calculations
  • Planning Operators
    • Planning Operator Overview
    • Purging Change History
    • Purging Key Figure Data
    • Creating Copy Operators
    • Creating Disaggregation Operators
    • Creating Advanced Simulation Operators
    • Creating Group Operators
    • Managing Global Configuration Parameters
    • Creating an ABC Classification
  • Planning View Formatting
    • Formatting Reports
    • Linking the IDs and Descriptions of Attributes