Course announcements

  • This course is a high level introduction of the SAP Hybris Marketing Solution. It focuses on out of the box features and functionality, while also giving participants a basic understanding of the underlying technology. The course also includes video demonstrations of how to perform essential tasks within each SAP Hybris Marketing component that will help you to enhance your knowledge of the application’s UI.


  • Explain hybris Marketing at a high level and describe the key features of every component
  • Perform essential marketing tasks within the application


  • Business stakeholders
  • Decision makers
  • Project managers
  • Application consultants



  • Fundamental understanding of marketing concepts


  • None

Course based on software release

  • hybris Marketing 1511


  • Module 1 – Introduction and Overview
    • Goals of the course
    • Introduction of every component
  • Module 2 – Marketing Data Management
    • Understand the Contact Fact Sheet
    • Use Contact Engagement, Sentiment Engagement and Customer Journey Insights to analyze your customer base
  • Module 3 – Segmentation and Target Groups
    • Effectively leverage filters to identify the right audience
    • Create and manage Target Groups
  • Module 4 – Recommendation
    • Provide consumers with real-time product recommendations
  • Module 5-œ Acquisition – Campaign Management
    • Differences between automated and trigger-based campaigns
    • Multiwave and Facebook campaigns
    • Leverage content templates and personalize campaign content
    • Analyze the success of campaigns
  • Module 6 – Insight
    • Leverage the Relationship Analysis tool to analyze business data
    • Effectively use Customer Stratification to better understand your customer portfolio
    • Create reports with an exact breakdown of your customer-related margin, pocket margin and gross margin using the Margin Decomposition application
    • Review the success of marketing investments using the Marketing Executive Dashboard
  • Module 7 – Planning
    • Leverage the Marketing Calendar to set up transparent marketing plans
    • Manage and gain insights into marketing budgets and spends
  • Module 8 – Technical Basics and Administration
    • Understand the underlying architecture of the solution
    • Get an overview of inbound and outbound integration possibilities
    • Learn how Predictive Models are used to calculate probabilities and trends
    • Introduction to Business Administration tools