Course announcements

  • This course gives a quick introduction to the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite. It is targeted at a general audience and provides a high level overview of the features of the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite through interactive online modules and videos. The course is based on SAP Hybris Commerce Suite 6.0.
  • Disclaimer: If you are not an official SAP partner or customer (NDA signed), you cannot download the SAP Hybris Commerce software or access the Hybris Wiki / Help as shown in this course. This does not affect the duration of the course. Downloading the software or accessing the Hybris Wiki / Help are not a mandatory part of this course and therefore do not affect the educational value of the training.


  • This course will prepare you to describe hybris software at a high level
  • The course focuses on interactivity and hands-on exercises.


  • General audience (Business stakeholders, Decision makers, Project managers, Sales Managers)



  • Fundamental understanding of web technologies and e-commerce concepts


  • None

Course based on software release

  • Hybris 6.0


  • The course consists of 6 modules, as described below.
  • Course Introduction
    • About this course
    • What is the SAP Hybris Commerce Suite?
  • SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerators
    • Introduction to the B2C, B2B, China, Telco and Financial Accelerators
    • hybris Extend Marketplace
    • Adaptive and responsive design for an improved experience on any device
    • Overview of the Mobile module
    • Exploring an online shop
  • Content Management
    • Importing data
    • Products
    • Catalogs
    • Media
    • Web content management
  • Commerce and Order Management
    • Vouchers, Promotions
    • Search & Navigation
    • Advanced Personalization
    • Subscriptions & Bundling
    • Entitlements & Metrics
    • B2B functionality
    • Order management capabilities
  • SAP Integration
    • Integration methods
    • SAP integration requirements
    • Configuration
    • SAP CPQ
    • SAP CAR
    • SAP C4C Integration
    • SAP Hybris Marketing
    • System Requirements
  • Technical Basics
    • Architecture
    • User management and security
    • Internationalization and localization
    • Reporting
    • Back-office & administration
    • SAP Hybris installation