• This course will prepare you to:
    • analyze performance problems, statements and models, and manage workload on SAP HANA systems using available tools and configurations.


  • Developer Consultant
  • System Administrator



  • Basic experience with SAP HANA, Administration and Monitoring Tools
  • Basic experience with Data Modeling and SQL


  • HA100SAP HANA Introduction
  • HA200SAP HANA Administration and Operations
  • HA300SAP HANA Implementation and Modeling

Course based on software release

  • SAP HANA 2.0


  • This course is the starting point to learn how to analyze the performance problems on SAP HANA systems. It shows the tools to safeguard healthy operations of SAP HANA systems. This course includes:
    • Analyzing Resource Problems using SAP HANA Cockpit
    • Using Capture and Replay
    • Using Workload Analyzer
    • Configuration on Workload Management
    • Statement and Model Analysis using Debug View, Explain Plan and Visualize Plan
    • SAP HANA Monitoring using Solution Manager and Technical Monitoring Cockpit
  • This course does NOT cover:
    • Performance Analysis using available Tools on NetWeaver Application Server.