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  • SAP PQM3.0 Configuring Insurance Products – teaches the basic skills and knowledge that students will require to build and configure an insurance product using SAP Product Lifecycle Management. Through a series of step-by-step hands-on labs, students will learn important vocabulary and concepts including how to: define and configure components and lookup tables; create data definitions to store the data collected in the runtime questionnaires; configure their eApplications dictating the way questionnaires are presented on the screen; and rules, which make up a comprehensive insurance product including validation, calculation and display rules. Students will also follow best practice principles to learn how to maximize a product’s object and inheritance hierarchy to promote efficiency and reuse.


  • Build and configure an insurance product:
    • Assemble objects into the product hierarchy
    • Add values to the template hierarchy
    • Documenting your product
    • Create and define component attributes
    • Create data definitions and external data models
    • Create and define questionnaires
    • Build and configure the eApplication component
    • Build rules (calculation, referral, content display, validation, etc.)


  • This course targets users who will be developing and configuring products using SAP Product Lifecycle Management for Insurance. This includes Product Specialists, Business Analysts, Application Developers, Insurance Consultants and Solution Architects.



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Course based on software release

  • SAP Product and Quotation Management for Insurance PQM 3.0


  • Overview of SAP Underwriting for Insurance (FS-QUO)
  • Introducing SAP Product Lifecycle Management configurator tool (FS- PRO)
  • Creating the Product skeleton structure
  • Creating Components and lookup tables
  • Understanding your data and how to store it
  • Using reference products
  • Creating product questionnaires
  • Configuring the eApplication component
  • Building rules
  • Publishing and Deploying
  • Configuring Products for IFBC
  • Policy push to FS-PM
  • Product Web Services