Course announcements

  • Each insurance company has specific underwriting regulations that identify risk thresholds in their insurance products. When an application exceeds one or more of these risk thresholds, the application will typically need to be reviewed and handled by a Senior Underwriter before the application can be quoted or the policy issued. This course will provide the learner with the skills he/she will need to configure the risk criteria.


  • Outline the features of SAP for Underwriting for Insurance
  • Describe the Insurance Configurator Tool
  • Configure risk criteria


  • Application Consultant
  • Application Developers
  • Solution Architects



  • FS400 – SAP Product and Quotation Management 3.0 Overview


  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP PQM 3.0


  • Introduction to SAP Underwriting for Insurance
  • SAP Product Lifecycle Management for Insurance’s Configurator Tool
    • SAP Product Lifecycle Management for Insurance Configurator Objects
  • Creating the Object Hierarchies
  • Working with Components
  • Working with data definitions
  • Working with reference objects
  • Publishing
  • About Questionnaires
  • Configuring the eApplication
  • Building Rules