Course announcements

  • Do you require knowledge of the SAP Credit Risk Analyzer and other solutions of the SAP Risk Management?
  • While this training emphasizes on the processes and the configuration of the Credit Risk Analyzer, it also provides information on Stress Testing with CRA and further solutions such as the Historical Database and the Limit Manager.
  • While system demonstrations and exercises are provided on a Banking Analyzer system Rel. 8, a comprehensive addendum is provided with the training. Beyond other topics it provides detailed implementation information on the latest CRA topics such as Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR), Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA) and Central Counterparty Exposures and Posted Collaterals.


  • Acquire an overview of the Bank Analyzer Risk Management solution offering
  • Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer Risk Management
  • Be able to decide on different Bank Analyzer Risk Management set up options
  • Get knowledge of the process coverage: Risk Management processes with strong focus on Basel II coverage


  • Application Consultants – Data Consultants – Development Consultant
  • Business Analysts – Industry/Business Analyst Consultant – Data Manager
  • System Architects
  • Developers
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User – Business User – End User – Super/Key/Power User – Solution Architect



  • FS250 Bank Analyzer Overview
  • General knowledge of risk management processes in banking


  • none

Course based on software release

  • Bank Analyzer 8.0
  • Banking Services 8.0


  • Risk and Compliance Management
    • Understand Managing Risk
    • Explain the SDL – Purpose and Main Functions
    • Use the Primary Objects of the SDL
    • Explain the purpose and main functions of the RDL
    • Explain the Interplay between SDL Primary Master Data Objects for R Management
    • Use SDL Generic Market Data
    • Use SDL Positions Master Data
    • Use SDL Positions
    • Implement the Data Bridge to SDL
    • Explain the Risk Management Business Content
  • The Credit Risk Analyzer
    • Explain the important concepts and terms for Risk Management
    • The Basel Accords
    • Distinguish Approaches for Credit Risk Under Basel II
    • Explain the Credit Risk Exposure Calculation Process
    • Provide a business example of the Credit Risk Exposure Calculation
    • Analyze the Credit Risk processing
    • Explain the Credit Risk Processes Execution
  • The Credit Risk Analyzer: Operational View
    • Explain the most important CRA customizing entities
    • Use the Module Editor
    • Set Data selection and enrichment up (Level 0)
    • Set up the general calculation and valuation methods
    • Customize the Calculation Process (Level 1)
    • Set up the Calculation Process (Level 2)
    • Explain the fast Track Basel II for Revolving Retail Solution
    • Set the fast Track Basel II for Revolving Retail process up
    • Stress Testing for Credit Risk Solution
    • Explain Stress Testing
    • Explain the standard stress testing process
    • Perform Overall Settings for Stress Testing
  • Historical Database (HDB)
    • Describe the Historical Database: Purpose and Functions
    • Explain the Administration Functions of the Historical Database
  • Operational Risk Management by SAP GRC
    • Name the Operational Risk Solutions
    • Describe the Operational Risk Functions
  • Using the Limit Manager
    • Explain the Limit Manager Concept
    • Explain the Limit Manager Functions
    • Explain the Reporting of the Limit Manager
    • Use Limit Manager Customizing Entities