• Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst



  • Knowledge of Financial and Management Accounting in SAP systems


Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7


  • Reporting Requirements in Financials
    • Listing Reporting Tools for Financials
  • Standard Reports in Financial and Management Accounting
    • Using the Information Systems
    • Using Report Variants and Variables
  • SAP List Viewer
    • Presenting the SAP List Viewer
    • Editing a Display Variant
    • Using Additional Selection Criteria in FI Reports
  • AR/AP Information System
    • Accessing the AR/AP Information System
    • Customizing the AR/AP Information System
    • Creating and Displaying Evaluations
  • Report Painter and Report Writer
    • Executing and Navigating in Report Painter Reports
    • Creating the Structures for Report Painter Reports
    • Creating Basic Report Painter Reports
    • Building Flexibility into a Report Painter Report
  • Drill Down Reporting
    • Introducinng Drill Down Reports
    • Navigating in Classic Drill Down Reports
    • Navigating in Graphical Drill Down Reports
    • Optimizing Report Execution
    • Creating a Basic Drill Down Report
    • Using Variables
    • Exporting Data
    • Including Calculations in Drill Down Reports
    • Using Key Figure Schemes and Characteristic Hierarchies in CO-PA Reporting
    • Connecting Drill Down Reports
  • BW for Financials
    • Introducing BW Structures
    • Navigating in BW Reports
    • Accessing the BEx Query Designer
    • Creating a Basic Query
    • Navigating in Web Analyzer Reports
    • Using Variables and Adding Text Elements
    • Creating Exceptions and Conditions in a Query
  • SAP Query
    • Outlining SAP Query Structures
    • Defining SAP Query