Course announcements

  • In this course you will learn how to implement SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. You will also learn how to effectively run an SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer project using SAP best practices.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Run an SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer implementation project using SAP best practices
    • Create an organization structure enabling customers to use the solution to meet the needs of the business
    • Migrate data into the application and troubleshoot migration issues
    • Translate customer business needs to best practice business scenarios in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
    • Set up and configure the solution to manage business processes including sales, marketing, service and social
    • Describe the integration scenarios available with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
    • Use the administrative tool set to effectively manage the needs of the business
    • Adapt and extend the solution to meet customer-specific needs
    • Configure and use the mobile features of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
    • Demonstrate the reporting capabilities of the system


  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Architect
  • Project Stakeholder
  • Business User
  • System Administrator



  • CRM/SD domain knowledge


  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer functional experience

Course based on software release

  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1702


  • Introduction to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
    • Articulating the Functional Capabilities of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer
  • Starting the Project
    • Listing the Phases of the SAP Launch Implementation Methodology and Preparing for the Implementation Project
    • Describing Fine Tuning
    • Describing Q-Gates
  • Account and Contact Management
    • Understanding the Basic Functions of Account and Contact Management
  • Products and Price Lists
    • Understanding Products and Price List Concepts in SAP Hybris Sales Cloud
  • Organizational Structure
    • Explaining the Role of an Organizational Structure in the Solution
  • Territory Management
    • Defining Complex Territory Hierarchy Structures
  • User and Role Management
    • Maintaining Employees and Explain What a Business User Is
  • Data Migration
    • Guiding Your Customer on Which Data Should Be Migrated
  • Integration
    • Describing Integration Scenarios with SAP CRM and SAP ERP
    • Describing Integration with Microsoft Outlook
    • Describing the Benefits of Integration with Social Media
  • Notifications, Workflow, and Approvals
    • Setting Up an Approval Process for Opportunities
  • Personalization and Extensibility
    • Describing How to Use Personalization and Adaptation
  • Analytics Framework
    • Exploring the Standard Reports and Create or Modify Views for Those Reports
  • Mobile
    • Describing the Different Mobile Access Options
  • Solution Walkthrough and Test Plans
    • Preparing an SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Environment for Solution Walkthrough
  • Preparing for Go-Live
    • Describing the Necessary Go-Live Activities