• Learn to monitor and analyze the performance of ABAP programs in context with the system resources.
  • Learn to optimize database accesses and ABAP processing.
  • Learn to work with essential tools like ABAP run time analysis, SQLM and SQL trace, workload analysis, code inspector, etc.
  • Learn the basics of SAP Memory Management in context with ABAP programming


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Technology Consultant



  • BC400ABAP Workbench Foundations
  • Programming experience in ABAP


  • SAPTECFundamentals of SAP NetWeaver Application Server
  • BC401ABAP Objects
  • BC430ABAP Data Dictionary

Course based on software release

  • SAP ECC 6.07
  • ADT 2.13 (ABAP Development Tools)


  • Architecture of SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP
    • Outlining the Architecture of SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP
  • Memory Management
    • Identifying Memory Areas
    • Analyzing Memory Allocation
    • Defining the architecture of a work process
    • Analyzing Memory Consumption
    • Analyzing ABAP Reports at Design Time
  • Performance Analysis
    • Outlining the Components of a Dialog Step
    • Analyzing the Components of a Dialog Step with Transaction STAD
    • Measuring Times in ABAP Reports
  • Database Access
    • Measuring Performance Aspects of a Database
    • Searching for Expensive SQL Statements at Runtime
    • Analyzing Expensive SQL Statements at Runtime
    • Understanding Database Index Access
    • Using Database Indexes
    • Creating Database Indexes
    • Analyzing Previous Database Accesses
  • Programming Database Access
    • Accessing Single Database Tables
    • Accessing Multiple Database Tables
    • Describing Performance when Accessing Multiple Database Tables
  • Data Buffering
    • Defining Buffering on Database Tables
    • Performing Buffering on Database Tables
    • Analyzing Table Buffering
    • Monitoring the Content of the Table Buffers
  • Buffering Data Objects
    • Creating Buffer Modules
    • Using Shared Memory, Shared Buffer and Shared Objects
    • Using ABAP Shared Objects
  • Internal Tables
    • Defining Internal Tables
    • Accessing Internal Tables
    • Outlining Advanced Topics with Internal Tables
    • Analyzing ABAP Reports at Runtime
  • Remote Function Calls
    • Outlining the Basics of Remote Function Calls (RFC)
    • Analyzing synchronous RFCs
    • Analyzing UI-related RFCs
    • Analyzing asynchronous RFCs