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  • In this two day course, contract authors learn how to use the SAP Ariba Contract Management Professional solution to create and manage contract agreements. Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and lab exercises, the course covers all processes of a typical contract agreement, including creating, processing, negotiating, approving, amending and closing the contract agreement. Students learn how the clause library and project templates expedite the contract creation process while simultaneously insures conformance to their organization’s business processes. Other topics include how to search the SAP Ariba Contract Management repository, as well as how to run prepackaged contract workspace reports. Lab exercises are highly emphasized to provide significant hands-on experience in the classroom.


  • This course will prepare you to:
    • Describe Contract Management
    • Navigate the Application
    • Create Contract Workspaces using Contract Management Templates
    • Generate Contracts through the use of Tasks and Microsoft Word Integration
    • Modify the Main Agreement using the Clause Library
    • Approve and Publishing Contracts
    • Amend and Closing Contracts
    • Copy and Search Contracts
    • Run Reports


  • Application Consultant
  • Anyone involved in using or implementing the SAP Ariba Contract Management Professional solution
  • Procurement professionals who create, maintain, renew, or extend contracts



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  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP Ariba Contract Management 14s1


  • Introduction to Ariba Contract Management
  • Application Orientation
  • Creating Contract Workspace
  • Working on Contracts
  • Approving and Executing Contracts
  • Managing Contracts
  • Creating Contract Requests
  • Running Contracts Pre-Packaged Reports