• Understand and Analyze Security Threats
  • Describe the Basics of Networks
  • Explain the Basic Security for SAP Systems
  • Apply Cryptography in SAP Systems
  • Configure Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Configure Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) Mechanisms in SAP Systems


  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant




Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver AS 7.40


  • Computer Security Overview
    • Analyzing Security Threats
    • Examining the SAP System Environment
  • Network Basics
    • Describing the Basics of Networks
    • Determining the Key Points of Network Security
    • Installing and Configuring SAP router
    • Installing and Configuring SAP Web Dispatcher
  • Basic Security for SAP Systems
    • Securing the Front End
    • Setting Up User Security in SAP Systems
    • Defining Authorizations in SAP Systems
    • Configure Interface Security in SAP Systems
    • Providing Development Protection and Applying Security Patches
    • Monitoring SAP Systems
    • Monitoring Security with SAP Solution Manager
  • Introduction to Cryptography
    • Describing Cryptography for Security
    • Examining Authentication for Security
    • Applying Cryptography in SAP Systems
  • Secure Network Communication (SNC)
    • Setting Up SNC for SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP
    • Setting Up SNC for Non-ABAP Components
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    • Configuring SSL with SAP NetWeaver AS
    • Configuring SSL on the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP
    • Configuring SSL on SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Configuring SSL on SAP Web Dispatcher and SAP Management Console
  • Authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) Mechanisms in SAP Systems
    • Describing SAP System Authentications
    • Activating Session Security
    • Configuring SSO