Course announcements

  • Explain the concepts for performance monitoring and performance tuning of SAP systems based on AS ABAP.


  • Explain the internal processing of user requests within AS ABAP-based SAP system
  • Find critical performance bottlenecks
  • Tune components of an SAP system


  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant
  • Program / Project Manager



  • ADM100
  • Basic knowledge of operating systems and databases


  • None

Course based on software release



  • Introduction to Workload Analysis
    • Recognizing the Components of a Dialog Step
    • Analyzing Statistical Records and Data Information Flow
  • Performance Analysis Monitors
    • Monitoring System Performance
    • Implementing Dynamic Work Processes
    • Analyzing ICM Performance
  • SAP Memory Management
    • Identifying the Memory Areas Used in SAP Systems
    • Describing Memory Usage in SAP Systems
    • Implementing SAP Extended Memory
  • Hardware Capacity Verification
    • Identifying Hardware Bottlenecks
    • Optimizing Hardware Utilization
  • Expensive SQL Statements
    • Detecting Expensive SQL Statements
    • Tuning Expensive SQL Statements
  • SAP Table Buffering
    • Describing Table Buffer Usage in SAP Systems
    • Analyzing Table Buffering Performance Issues
  • RFC Monitoring
    • Identifying the Basics of Remote Function Calls
    • Monitoring RFC Loads