• Understand the quantity offsetting methods within cost accounting including the template procedure
  • Represent the use and technologies of the extended planning tools for determining fixed and variable tariffs within cost accounting
  • Introduction to the specific use of different cost accounting systems in Overhead Cost Controlling
  • Presentation of the extended options for analyzing target costs, deviations and revaluations


  • Members of the SAP project team who are responsible for the extended functions in Overhead Cost Controlling
  • Employees of Management Accounting (Controlling) who are responsible for the efficient performance of allocating activities, extended planning functions and a differentiated analysis of target costs, deviations or revaluations in the SAP system



  • AC405Cost Center and Internal Order Accounting


  • Knowledge in the area of cost accounting

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0


  • Activity allocation: design and master data
  • Extended planning methods
  • Indirect activity allocation with automatic quantity determination and template allocation
  • Activity allocations within cost center accounting based on the operating rate (target=actual activity allocation)
  • Splitting fixed costs into activity types
  • Planned price calculation with cost component splitting
  • Target/actual comparisons
  • Variance calculation on cost centers
  • Actual price calculation and revaluation at actual prices